Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber - Ladies Love Me (+ letra)


Escucha "Ladies Love Me", tema interpretado por Chris Brown acompañado de Justin Bieber, y que está incluido en su nuevo mixtape "Boy In Detention".

Ladies love me, I'm on my Cool J
My bad, I'm sorry, I'm double parked yeah that's my Bugatti
And that's my Ferrari next to my Ducati
Call my old school Big Bertha that big body
Boy I get exotic, my car need a pilot
Get free drinks to party, yo nigga need his wallet
No limit to what I'm spending so I know she's 'bout it 'bout it
And who in the hell is smoking in here cause it's super cloudy
Goons with me, dressed like skaters, give you bruised kidneys, stretch ya later
Man my house so big took the escalator to the elevators took the elevator to the private jet then I jet nigga
see ya later
Ladies love me, I'm on my Cool J (yellow model chick)
Ladies love me (yellow bottle sippin')
Ladies love me, I'm on my Cool J (yellow Lamborghini)
Ladies love me
Shawty Mane, I'm back!
Baby i'm yo docta.
I could be yo rocka.
Swaggin', I'm not braggin' but I swear that I could rock ya.
Baby I'm not crazy, I got swag like Patrick Shwayze.
You know them haters never phase, that's not how my momma raised me.
I am incredible.
This is inedible.
Killin' this track was never debatable.
I'm a hetero
Baby you betta know JB is generally just a G.
Look at me.
I said look at me.
Swaggin' wit a crooked Tee.
Body slammed the beats from deep.
I said whoa dere, whoa dere baby you just need to stop.

I'm busy, I'm performing and I'm going to the top.
"I got so much to lose so I'm steady getting rocked
While them haters go down and we just get to watch.
Amazing, I'm blazing. Look over here, they said that I'm amazing.
Nobody is facing what I'm facing so I set a pace without pacing.
Dust my shoes off. Start racing.
You can taste it without fasting, I mean fasting.
Start blasting car born here do that thing.
Swagger jacking, is what I do.
JB is a man, yeah he is true.
He is a beast when he steps off in the room.
I just landed, I too.
I'm a gentleman, yes I'm a gentleman.
I'm out of my element but I'm still elegant.
Filled up with adrenaline, you know what that means?
Louis V high tops with the skinny jeans.
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